COVID-19 and Tourism

Tourism industry is facing an unprecedented challenge from Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The global pandemic has grounded airplanes, shut down hotels, and affected the tourism industry in many ways. However, travel and tourism have also enabled the virus to become a global issue, and reflection on the role of tourism in modern societies is needed.

This web page is dedicated to information about the impacts of the pandemic on tourism. We collect articles from academics looking into COVID-19 and tourism to provide information for the tourism field. IFITT wants to provide the tourism community reliable and innovative information from various sources, and especially from the scientific community. It is the responsibility of everyone who can to help those who are now taking the majority of the impact, and hopefully this resource provides those in the tourism field much needed knowledge and ideas on the impacts of the virus as well as the future of tourism.

If you are researching COVID-19 and tourism and want your articles to be visible here, please e-mail the editors of this web page or post a comment.

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Blog posts, news articles, videos, websites, and podcasts

Focused on tourism


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Marketing and management

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Recovery and Reopening

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Save Berlins Club Culture in quarantine

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Resource/aggregate pages (News, stories and resources for a sustainable tourism response to the COVID-19 emergency) helpful resources for hoteliers. (A centralised resources page that aggregates relevant hospitality/COVID-19 support content into one location.) (Especially for tours)

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Videos, interviews, podcasts

COVID-19 Impact on the Global Hotel Industry for IFITT

Interview with professor Frederic Dimanche

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General about the virus

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OECD Materials on the effects of Coronavirus on global economy

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COVID-19 impact reports

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COVID19 Infodemics Observatory

Appinio COVID-19 report



Google COVID19 public data program


International perspective

Spain: SEGITTUR platform for sharing information

Appinio COVID-19 report in Germany


Scientific, peer-reviewed research articles and books focused on tourism and COVID-19

For the most recent information on articles and call for papers regarding COVID-19 visit Travel & Tourism Transformed (Conferences, Books, Journals, Surveys & Research Proposals related to Travel, Tourism & Hospitality and the COVID-19 Pandemic)

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