EIFMeT | European IFITT MasterClass on eTourism

Why an IFITT Master Class?


Tourism and information technologies are two of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. Currently they are changing the way societies operate. For 20 years, the International Federation for Information Technologies and Tourism (IFITT) is developing and exchanging cutting-edge knowledge about the use and impact of new information & communication technologies in the various travel & tourism industries.

At the intersection of these fascinating domains, the European IFITT Masterclass on eTourism (EIFMeT) is complementing higher education programs in the broad fields of Tourism studies, computer sciences, media and communication technologies. It offering master students and interested participants from the travel industry an attractive compulsory optional subject.

In the course of a one-week blocked class, cutting edge researchers and scholars in the field of eTourism will share their knowledge on both the state-of-the-art and advanced e-Tourism topics and innovative technology applications.


EIFMeT In 4 Points:


  • Specialized topics of e-Tourism are taught in the form of an interdisciplinary one-week block, offering, both, lectures, lab-based workshops, and seminar-based discussions
  • After course completion, participants receive a special IFITT-EIFMeT certificate
  • The EIFMeT is calculated with 3 Credits (3 ECTS), which master students can typically apply at their universities for internal approval to their curriculum
  • Every day a special topic and lecturer with input on his/her current research and workshop


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