IFITTtalk@Nairobi is award winning workshop organized jointly by Karatina (KarU), Kenyatta (KU), Mount Kenya (MKU) and United States International (USIU) Universities every November with the aim of sparking conversations around ICTs in the Tourism industry, introducing new technological approaches in Travel and Tourism, and enabling the transfer of knowledge between academia and the industry.

The workshop is about “Transformative technologies in Hospitality and Tourism”, which will take place from November 7-8 in Karatina University, Nairobi, Kenya.

Organizers for Nairobi IFITTtalk:

Mary Mutungi Mutisya
Esther Kagure Munyiri
Rayviscic Mutinda
Methuselah Bichage Gesage
Nyabisi Mengo

*Details about the programme, please click here.

Registration Fee for each delegate:

International delegates: €90

East African delegates: €50

Collaborating institutions: €20

Student: €10