Let’s start a new discussion!

Let’s start a new discussion!

Let’s start a new discussion!

  • May 22nd, 2022
  • Katerina Volchek
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COVID-19 has taken away many opportunities from us to really interact and discuss with eTourism experts from all over the world. We at IFITT think that it is paramount for innovations for different kinds of people to meet and exchange ideas and help each other to utilize ICTs in tourism in the most efficient way possible. Sharing knowledge is at the heart of IFITT and we work hard to enable this in the tourism field.

For this purpose, we have launched our own Discord channel. We are honoured to invite you to join this network.

Discord is a social media platform that connects people worldwide to discuss virtually any topic. IFITT Discord server focuses on eTourism discussions. At the server anyone, including you, can promote and discuss their research, activities, projects, events, open positions, problems or issues, or any other topic connected to eTourism. The server is built around seven channels with having a specific function:

  • #research
  • #teaching
  • #cobverences-and-events
  • #innovation
  • #chapter-presidents
  • #ifitt-around-the-world
  • #submit-to-the-board

The best thing about Discord is that it allows rich discussion, interaction, and exchange of ideas that many other social media services are missing. It is free for anyone to join from anywhere in the world.

Download Discord app now for your mobile device or computer and join us to innovate in ICTs and tourism fields!

Join IFITT @Discord!