Outline and Mission

Welcome to the International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel & Tourism (IFITT).

IFITT is the leading independent global community for the discussion, exchange and development of knowledge about the use and impact of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the travel and tourism industry and experience.

  • IFITT mission is to share knowledge, experience, and a true passion for ICT in travel and tourism, being relevant for the industry and responsible for society at large, as well as ensuring scientific excellence.
  • IFITT vision is to create THE global eTourism knowledge network and community.

The IFITT community is highly active at all levels and comprises of many leading experts in the field as well as those entering the area for the first time! You will find it is a friendly and easily accessible community and we hope you will enjoy being part of it. We look forward to welcome you to our Federation and to the many events and opportunities we are involved!

In February 2015, IFITT board has done an IFITT identity LEGO Serious Play (LSP) workshop. You can see a brief video presenting it, as well as the pictures of the final model (also with comments).


IFITT Strategic Objectives

• Network, collect and disseminate eTourism knowledge and expertise to all stakeholders.
• Embrace digitally excluded communities.
• Encourage excellence in the research, development and implementation of tourism technologies.
• Establish a global information forum for representative bodies and persons interested in eTourism best practice.
• Hold international conferences, seminars, workshops and courses related to tourism and technology.
• Collaborate with international organisations to encourage tourism and technology innovation.
• Support social causes such as sustainability, poverty reduction and reducing the digital divide.
• Operate as an open and transparent organisation with equal opportunities and benefits to all members.
• Enhance the quality of research publications in relevant journals, books and other outlets.
• Promote the professional interests of IFITT members.

IFITT Values
• Technology can help tourism organisations become responsible global citizens.
• Technology should enhance tourist experiences and satisfaction.
• Promote useful and innovative technology that is fit for purpose.
• Dynamic dialogue among tourism organisations, technology providers and academia can bring solutions.
• Multidisciplinary research should progress the eTourism field.
• Global knowledge, adapted to local realities, can improve technology solutions.
• Support for researchers and professionals is essential to progress the eTourism field.
• eTourism knowledge dissemination, implementation and development should improve quality of life.

IFITT Constitution
IFITT Members agree to be bound by the IFITT Mission Statement, and act accordingly. In particular this requires:
• Leadership, through work quality and integrity.
• Independence, when acting as an IFITT member, of all commercial, government, academic and other organisations.
• No use of the IFITT brand to promote an organisation without explicit
 permission from the IFITT Board.

Read more on IFITT Governance.