Resources Overview

As part of its Social Corporate Responsibility and its agenda to further enlarge the global eTourism community, IFITT is keen to disseminate knowledge about Tourism and Technology. We would like to encourage students, trainers and scholars from around the world, particularly those who are digitally excluded, to access educational material and information to enhance their topical understanding.

The transmission of technical and intellectual skills and concepts through a variety of learning experiences enables learning individuals to develop career opportunities in today’s multicultural and technology-driven working society. IFITT supports this challenge around “life-long learning” by providing an eTourism curriculum which is based on stakeholders’ and pedagogical needs.

In addition, the IFITT eTourism Wiki is a theme-specific Wikipedia and comprises already in its present form more than 40 topics in the field of eTourism, ranging from ICT applications in the various tourism and travel industries, over smart phone applications, recommender systems, data mining and online auctions in tourism. More than 15 Wiki contributions have been delivered by eTourism scholars and will be continuously extended and updated.

Moreover, the IFITT eTourism Knowledge Map shows up-dated bibliographical data on e-Tourism research and e-Tourism courses from currently 21 most prominent universities and institutions worldwide.

We hope that  IFITT educational resources will be of great help to all members of the global eTourism community.

IFITT Director of Education Excellence
Prof. Anyu Liu, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK.
[email protected]

IFITT President
Dr. Zheng Xiang, Howard Feiertag Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Virginia Tech, US.
[email protected]